Borehole Water Discussions

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  •  Borehole Water Discussions is about anything relating to borehole water issues.
  • It is always good to discuss any topic what involved a person’s well being.
  • Borehole water could be your health or death.
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What about borehole water discussions?

Borehole water discussions

A photo of a large Worm like Organism that was found in Tap water and placed on

You must have the borehole water analysis at a laboratory:

I’m serious about water.
That is why I have tested the borehole water.
At the laboratory they gave me a list of tests that they do.
I marked some what I thought was important.
They then gave me the price the tests would cost.
A few days later I got the analysis report from the laboratory.
They say that is the results from the water sample that I gave them.
They never not even once told or mentioned that the water was good for human consumption.
Why did they not say or state that the water is good for human consumption?

Borehole water discussions of laboratory liability :

Borehole Water Discussions

Borehole Water Discussions

Cannot inform you that the water is safe or good for human consumption.
The moment they do that they can be liable if the water is unsafe for human consumption.
At any given moment the borehole water can get unsafe for human consumption.
Contamination of the borehole water can occur due to pollution in the water attachment area of the borehole.
A drain or pit toilet can contaminate the borehole water.

Borehole water discussions about laboratory analysis:

You marked the tests that you want to be done.
Do you know anything about what to look for?
Did you take the water sample the correct place and way it must be done.
Did you test for pesticides, chemicals, parasites, living organisms and any contamination material?
You marked only 10 items on the list.
What about the thousand other tests that can be done?
No person in their right mind can certify that borehole water is safe for human consumption.

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