Using borehole water could be dangerous, but.

We Supply, Install and Service Borehole water Purification Systems. Using borehole water with our Borehole water Purification Systems.

Start using borehole water?

We don’t know when the water supply to our suburb would be cut off or been disrupted.
We want to be well prepared when the water supply is disrupted.
You Using borehole water but do not know from where it comes.
Is the water source saving for human consumption?
Does it have any element in it that could cause long term illness like kidney failure?
But the water taste better than the treated tap water.

Be prepared for a water crises.

Be sure that we will experience water crises.
If you are not prepared you are in for a big surprise.
The best you can do is to get the borehole or well point water suitable for human consumption.

 Best time to start Using borehole water?

I advise you that today is a good time to start implementing the borehole water system to your house.
Get the system in operation and use it often to ensure that the system work correct.
The groundwater is still the best water that you can get.

Who can help me with a system to be able to using borehole water?

We could help and assist you to get the best product that would function correctly to the type of water that the borehole have.
First we would test the borehole water with a plain field test and then we would do a laboratory test.
The laboratory test is expensive but it is worth the money.
I would say money well spent not wasted.

Using our Borehole Water.

When you using borehole water it is important to read more about the warning of using borehole water.
It can be an expensive item.
The municipality can install a water meter on your borehole.
They will then bill you every month for the water that you used.
Even if it is from the borehole.
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