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Tell me more about the borehole versus drains.

  • You have a small holding with a borehole.
  • The borehole is a 100 meter deep.
  • You use the borehole water for all the uses on the property.
  • You have installed the borehole system about ten years ago and experience no problems with it.
  • The water taste good much better than the tap water of the municipality.

What is the distance between the drain or pit toilet and the borehole?

  • I forgot to mention the animal den where you keep them at night.
  • Did you know that if your borehole is a 100 meters deep and the sheep den is also a 100 meters from the borehole.
  • Then you can bet that the urine of the sheep would be present in the borehole water.
  • It depends if the water flow towards the borehole from the sheep’s den.
  • Yes the urine flow downwards and when the groundwater comes in contact with it the borehole water will then be contaminated.
  • I have taken a borehole water sample from a borehole in the Kameeldrift area.
  • I looked under the microscope there on the premises.
  • I thought that the water would be clean for the owners informed me that the nearest drain was about 950 meters from the borehole.
  • I found some live roundworms in the borehole water.
  • That was strange.
  • I ask the owners if there was any other drain like a pit toilet near the borehole.
  • They informed me that the neighbour’s employees have a pit toilet about 600 meters from the borehole.
  • That explains it all why the roundworms were present in the borehole water.

How does the ground water flow?

  • The ground water and that includes the borehole water flow underground.
  • The way it flows is in pipes that look just like a pipe made from ground.
  • This natural pipe flow in any direction, up and down and to the sides.
  • That is why you can never say or predict from where the borehole water flow.
  • The borehole water that flow through your borehole could easily flow past a cemetery or a sewerage plant.

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Borehole Versus Drains

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