Farmers profits

  • Farmers profits and water go hand in hand.
  • If the water that the animals drink is contaminated with Roundworms or other parasites it could have a negative effect on the growth of the animals.
  • We Supply, Install and Service Borehole water Purification systems. The Farmers profit is with Us.

Farmers profits and parasites from borehole water.

Farmers profits

Image about the Farmers profits.

  • A farmers profit is measured at the rate his cattle grow and is ready for the market.
  • The farmer is in a business to provide food on the table and in return they get money.
  • One of the main products that farmers use to create wealth is cattle.
  • If you can get your cattle to grow, to the stage where you can supply them to the abattoir.
  • This process takes time and money to get the cattle to that stage.
  • The field they craze on, the type of feed you give extra to round them off.
  • One of the biggest concerns is parasites.
  • It is that is a big problem.
  • You assume that the cattle look healthy that they are free of any unwanted parasites.
  • You can’t see the internal parasites but the outside parasites like ticks you can see and treat them as soon as you see them on your cattle.

Farmers profits and Internal parasites.

  • Where do they get internal parasites from?
  • Yes from faeces of people or even animals that pass your farm and use your farm as their toilet.
  • Old bones from animals that died.
  • Cattle and animals that have internal parasites, spreading the parasites by their urine.
  • What about the water they drink?
  • No they drink pure clean borehole water.

Farmers profits and Borehole water parasites.

  • South Africa borehole water is contaminated with chemicals, parasites, bacteria and all types of viruses.
  • E.coli is one of the main culprits.
  • Where does it come from?
  • Did you ever take a sample of the water in the water tank?
  • Is the water tank open on the top?
  • If so, what do you think fall in that water tank?
  • Not to talk about the birds that sit on the tank.
  • Those do their business in or on top of the water tank.
  • Where do you think go that stuff? In the pure borehole water.
  • We have found that roundworms are present in borehole water.
  • The roundworms gets into the borehole water if it flow through or pass a long drop toilet or any source that can contaminate the water.
Parasites and profit.
Farmers profits

Farmers profits an parasites do not go good together.

  • Parasites eat way your profits without you even know it.
  • Parasites play a very important part of the health and growth potential of your cattle.
  • The faster they grow the quicker you can deliver them to the abattoir.
  • Parasites hamper the growth of the cattle and that cost you money and time.
  • We take a sample from your water tank and look under the microscope to see if we can find any parasites present in the water sample that can have an impact on your cattle.
  • We can advise you what actions to take, what to do.
  • Our system that we install when we find parasites that can have an effect on your cattle works very good.
  • The maintenance is very low and we show you how to maintain the system at a fraction of the price other suppliers charge.
  • We install the system and from then you maintain it and if you have a problem we will assist and help you.

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