Important water treatment advice.

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If the health of your loved one is important.
My advice to you is to talk to me.
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Every glass of water that you drink is absorbed by the body.
Most of the harmful health elements cause lifelong illnesses.
Don’t play with the health of your loved once.
The health of our clients is of the utmost importance to us.
Money can’t buy health.


What is the best borehole water filter?

The best borehole water filter is the reverse osmosis system.
We would not even look to the “Big Blue Systems”.
The “Big blue system” is totally ineffective.
If any person tells you that the big blue system, is effective asking the person to proof it.
They would not have any proof.
We have proof that the big blue system: is ineffective.
Just visit “Sable Hills Estate tap water 2016”.
All the stuff on that page came from a reverse osmosis systems filters.
Before the reverse osmosis system is a “Big blue system”.

The best borehole water filter.

The best borehole water filter is the reverse osmosis systems membrane.
The membrane filters up - to 0.002 micron.
The reverse osmosis membrane removes nearly everything from the water source.
Then you also need the “UV Light system”.
The “UV Light system” kills all live organisms that are present in the water source.

The best borehole water filters system.

If you want to use borehole water for human consumption.
You need two systems.
The first one is the reverse osmosis system.
The next system that is just as important as the reverse osmosis system.
That is the “UV Light system”.
You must use these two systems together.
The two systems operate as a unit.

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