Best borehole water filters


What is the best borehole water filter?

  • The best borehole water filter is the reverse osmosis system.
  • We would not even look to the “Big Blue Systems”.
  • The “Big blue system” is totally ineffective.
  • If any person tells you that the big blue system, is effective asking the person to proof it.
  • They would not have any proof.
  • We have proof that the big blue system: is ineffective.
  • Just visit “Sable Hills Estate tap water 2016”.
  • All the stuff on that page came from a reverse osmosis systems filters.
  • Before the reverse osmosis system is a “Big blue system”.

The best borehole water filter.

  • The best borehole water filter is the reverse osmosis systems membrane.
  • The membrane filters up - to 0.002 micron.
  • The reverse osmosis membrane removes nearly everything from the water source.
  • Then you also need the “UV Light system”.
  • The “UV Light system” kills all live organisms that are present in the water source.

The best borehole water filters system.

  • If you want to use borehole water for human consumption.
  • You need two systems.
  • The first one is the reverse osmosis system.
  • The next system that is just as important as the reverse osmosis system.
  • That is the “UV Light system”.
  • You must use these two systems together.
  • The two systems operate as a unit.  


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