The borehole is contaminated.    Specialised Water Treatment Advice

My borehole is contaminated with sewage.

What can I do? My borehole is contaminated with sewage.
The borehole water has this strange smell like a drain that is blocked.
This is a big problem for me because I use the borehole water for my household.
He borehole water is the only household water supply that we have.
We used this borehole for the last twelve years.
This is the first time we experience a problem like this.

Action to take when borehole is contaminated.

First contact us to assist you in the action you must take for the time being.
Download without delay the “Borehole water test form” and fill it in.
all the elements must be marked for testing.
Take a clean 2 litre bottle and fill it with water that has flow for about one minute.
Courier the water sample and the form to the laboratory.
When you get the water test results please send us a copy to assist you with the test report.

What could contaminate the borehole?

The borehole opening.

Is it open?
Can you put you small finger in any hole?
If you can it could be that a snake or any other animal crawl through that hole into the borehole.
Close off any open area at the borehole opening.

Area around the borehole pipe.

Is there vegetation like trees?
The roots can get into the borehole and cause some problems.

Ants around the borehole.

Ants are a big problem around the borehole pipe.
They tend to make their nest around the pipe.
The eggs from the nest fall into the water and that cause a smell in the water.
Treat ants with flour.

French drains.

This is one of the biggest culprits in water contamination.
Yes that is the number one culprit if you smell sewage in your borehole water.
Eight out of ten French drains is not on standard.
Did you ever inspect your French drain to see if it is up to standard?
Visit to get the information you need or contact us.

Contamination in catchment area of borehole.

Always be on the lookout for any pollution that may happen in your region.
This could be as far as ten to twenty kilometers from your borehole.
The contamination can flow from one area to another area.
In this case you can seek legal advice.


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