Removing Nitrates

Removing Nitrates from well point or borehole water.

Removal of Nitrates from well point or borehole water is a miracle.

Advice on the removal of nitrates from well point water.

You walked into the local water shop and talk to the owner. You believe that he would know how to remove nitrates from water. You ask him if he know how to remove nitrates from water. His answer would be “Yes”. You think he knows because he says so. NO! He does not know anything about borehole or well point water treatment. I can assure you that. All he knows is how to operate the reverse osmosis and ozone system in his shop. I have a friend that owns a water shop. Clients walk in and start to talk about any water subject. I was present when clients talk about borehole water. Every time I hear him talking about water treatment, I am shocked. The information that he provide the clients about the water treatment is shocking. To listen to the grab he tells them, they believe him.

Do reverse osmosis removes nitrates?

I can tell you that the reverse osmosis system would not remove nitrate from the water. People think that the reverse osmosis system removes everything from the water. That is what the people in the water industry tell people. In my view is that there is information given out that have no backing or any proof. They assume that the reverse osmosis system removes the nitrates but never test if it is in actual fact the case. That is the reason that I test every product and application to make sure that when I promote a product that it would work.

Nitrates in well point water.

It’s common to find nitrates in well point or borehole water especially in the Cape region. When the nitrates reading is below the standard it hold no health hazards in for humans. It is a totally different serious when the nitrate reading is high.  What action do you think must be taken in that case? There is only one option you have and that is to remove it from the water source. It is easier said than done. To remove the nitrates from water is a very complicated process and not everyone in the industry knows how to do that. Only the few!

The Solution for the removal of the nitrates from the water source.

I was so fortunate to stumble upon the solution for the removal of the nitrate from the water source. There is only a hand full of people that know how to remove the nitrates from the water source successfully.


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Cape Town water advice

Cape town water advice for borehole owners.

Do you have any cape town water advice?

  • Yes it is time to take a good hard look to your borehole water.
  • Do not overlook the importance of the quality of your borehole water.
  • To not take the first sales person by his word to install a big blue system for all your household water.
  • That is playing with fire.

Cape Town Water Treatment advice.

  • The only way water treatment can be addressed is with the studying of the water testing report.
  • The water testing report must always be the focus part of the water treatment planning.
  • This water testing report must be from an accredited laboratory.
  • A water shop doesn’t know anything about borehole water treatment.
  • Borehole water treatment is very complicated.

Cape town water advice from borehole.

  • Cape Town borehole water is the most complex water that you can get in South Africa.
  • It requires different types of combinations of systems to get the required result.
  • To think that a filter system would do the job is far cry from reality.
  • In more than 80% of the time filter systems is not involved in the water treatment process.

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Health effects of drinking borehole water

Discuss the health effects of drinking borehole water.

What are the health effects of drinking borehole water?

  •  You have notice that we have published a post about the dangers of drinking borehole water.
  • I think it is time that we say something about the health effects of drinking borehole water.
  • People only see the bad things in life and don’t even notice the small things.

What is the difference between borehole water and municipality water?

  • People think that municipality water is better than borehole water.
  • The people that use borehole water on the other hand think that borehole water is better.
  • Which of the two is the best?
  • To be honest!
  • In my personal view I believe that borehole water is a better choice.
  • Yes, borehole water is the best choice.

Reasons why borehole water is better than municipality water.

  • Municipality water is laden with all types of chemicals, minerals and not to talk about all the diseases that are present in the water.
  • You would say that the water is been treated.
  • Treated my bud!
  • The water is been treated to have a clean appearance and some elements is been treated.
  • Do you think they remove any of the chemicals that may be present in the water?
  • We talk about thousands of different chemicals.
  • It is not possible.
  • You can read visit the page about “Tap Water Source”.
  • This would give you a better insight regarding municipality water.

Borehole water on the other hand could be contaminated with bacteria or some type of chemical. This can be rectifying. All that you must do is to get your water tested at an accredited laboratory. With that test results it will show you what needs to be treated. In my view there is not a 0.5 % of the stuff that is present in the municipality water present in the borehole water. That is if the municipality sewerage manhole overflow into your borehole feed.


Municipality treated water versus borehole water.

Borehole water would be my first choice due to the chemicals that is present in the municipality water. The question that must be ask: what is the maintenance level at the local municipality sewerage plant and at the water treatment facility? That is for you to judge. What do you think happened to the sewerage that flow from that manhole for the last two weeks? Who take responsibility for that pollution?

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Borehole is contaminated

The borehole is contaminated.

My borehole is contaminated with sewerage.

What can I do? My borehole is contaminated with sewerage. The borehole water has this strange smell like a drain that is blocked. This is a big problem for me because I use the borehole water for my household. He borehole water is the only household water supply that we have. We used this borehole for the last twelve years. This is the first time we experience a problem like this.

Action to take when borehole is contaminated.

First contact us to assist you in the action you must take for the time being. Download without delay the “Borehole water test form” and fill it in. all the elements must be marked for testing. Take a clean 2 litre bottle and fill it with water that has flow for about one minute. Courier the water sample and the form to the laboratory. When you get the water test results please send us a copy to assist you with the test report.

What could contaminate the borehole?

The borehole opening.

 Is it open? Can you put you small finger in any hole? If you can it could be that a snake or any other animal crawl through that hole into the borehole. Close off any open area at the borehole opening.

Area around the borehole pipe.

Is there vegetation like trees? The roots can get into the borehole and cause some problems.

Ants around the borehole.

Ants are a big problem around the borehole pipe. They tend to make their nest around the pipe. The eggs from the nest fall into the water and that cause a smell in the water. Treat ants with flour.

French drains.

This is one of the biggest culprits in water contamination. Yes that is the number one culprit if you smell sewerage in your borehole water. Eight out of ten French drains is not on standard. Did you ever inspect your French drain to see if it is up to standard? Visit to get the information you need or contact us.

Contamination in catchment area of borehole.

Always be on the lookout for any pollution that may happen in your region. This could be as far as ten to twenty kilometers from your borehole. The contamination can flow from one area to another area. In this case you can seek legal advice.


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Water Softener System

 We need a Water Softener System.

Cape Town Water Softener System Advice.

Cape Town has hard water and to solve this problem you need a Water Softener System. When we talk about hard water we refer to the fact that the water doesn’t want to foam when you use soap. If glass is wet and it stand for a while to dry you will notice that where the water drops was there is a ring mark. You will also notice some white stuff at the opening of faucets. You will hear some people say that there is lime in the water. This is not a health hazard but more of a nuisance.


Advantage of having a Water Softener System.

 The water softener system is worth the cost. When we talk to our clients that have a water softener system installed for a week you can see they are impressed. I wonder if the word impressed could describe the satisfaction on their faces. The first thing the usually say is, “I can’t believe we didn’t install it years ago”. The water structure and everything about the water is different. The water softener system removes the calcium and magnesium from the water. This action causes the water to be soft and a pleasure to use.

How does the Water Softener System work?

Calcium and magnesium combined cause the hard water. The water softener system has a big cylinder that has resin inside. The resin collects the calcium and magnesium particles. The water softener system have another container that have salt is. During a set time frame usually at 2' clock in the morning the system regenerates. The regeneration process is when the system flushes the salt through the resin that is in the cylinder. The salt causes the resin to discharge the calcium and magnesium. The calcium and magnesium is the flushed out, down the drain.   

Water Softener System Suppliers.

We supply, install and maintain the water softener system. Experience the soft water sensation. The best you can do for yourself is to contact us. We will assist you and answer your questions. Don’t be another day without your water softener system.

We work nationwide. New branch opening soon in Cape Town. We have a team of technicians in Cape Town that focus only on water softener systems.

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Download Water test form

Water Softener System

Borehole Water Solutions

Borehole Water Solutions.

Did you know that borehole water is very complicated subject since each borehole is unique in its own way? That is the reason why we don’t have off the shelf water systems in store that you can buy and install. The reason is due to the fact that every borehole and the water quality are different. The borehole water quality differs from one side of the spectrum to the extreme. We design the correct borehole water system that would address the specific need. We don’t believe in a one system fits all applications like the “Big blue system” that most of the water business promote. Please take notice that the “Big blue system” is totally ineffective for borehole applications the way it is presented to the client.

Cape Town Rain harvesting.

This environment friendly trend that most environment conscious person wants to be part off. Why do you want to get on the band wagon of rain water harvesting? It sounds good to take part in this green movement. We like to strongly advise you to first talk to us before you spend thousands on this rain harvesting project. Most people tend to look to the amount of water that they can collect but never look any other aspect like cost and health for using the rain water. Is the cost worth the effort?  It is important to know what to look for when you consider rain water harvesting. Let’s take a look to some issues:

 Rain harvesting and the roof.

What do you think accumulated on the roof during the year?
 What about that bird that do his droppings on the roof?
 Where that bird does comes from?
 What is in those droppings?
Bird flu from China?

Dust in rain water harvesting.

What is in the dust that is on the roof?
Air pollution like fuel, lead from airplane fuel.
Dust and chemicals from factories.
Dust from the ground that was blown up by the wind.
What is in the dust?

 Rain Water contamination.

What can you expected to find in the rain water?
Chemicals and toxic material that is airborne.
What contamination is present in the air?

Rain harvesting tank.

That is the quality of the rain water in the tank?
Did you ever think about, testing the rain water at an accredited laboratory?
What do you think will the test results show you?
You have a 60% chance that you would get a chock of your live.
The tank is in the sun and the water gets hot, an ideal environment for bacteria to multiply.

Custom borehole treatment systems.

 We create custom made systems for your borehole water or any other water needs that would save you money. A water filtration system that addresses your specific borehole water needs. If you are serious about the water quality and your health give us a call or send a mail.

Water testing advice.

It is very important to have your water tested at an accredited laboratory. Ask for the SANS 241 standards. There is a full test that covers all the elements on the SANS 241. There is a shorter list that would give us a clear indication what to act on. If you want information or question regarding the shorter list just send an email and we will send you the shorter copy. You can send us the water analysis to  We will advise you what actions to take.

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Cape Town Borehole Water

Tell us more about Cape Town borehole water.

What is in Cape Town Borehole Water?

Cape Town Borehole Water is the water that can change from good to complicated results. Water has salt and hard water at the same time. Making it difficult to treat hard water due to the fact that salt is been used to get rid of the Calcium and Magnesium that accumulate on the resin in the water softener systems. I have seen water test results that couldn’t get worst. Everything that you can think could go wrong is present in the water.

Cape Town Borehole Water testing.

What frustrate me the most is some of the test results that we get especially from the Cape region? If I look to the test results it seems to me that the client was told to test for stuff that is not applicable. I want to ask people that want to test their borehole water to first make sure what they want to achieve with the results. Is it to test the water for human consumption or is it for gardening. Always ask for the SANS 241 standard test. 

Cape Town Borehole Water filtration services.

We can advise, supply and install water systems for borehole water treatment and municipality water. When borehole water is the subject, we require a water test report from an accredited laboratory. We will not do any installation on borehole water if we don’t know the status of the borehole water. It is not about the money involved. We value the health and well-being of our clients and their families. We want to ensure that the water system that we install is the correct application for the specific water quality.

Cape Town water treatment systems.

Cape Town water is most of the time hard. Calcium and Magnesium cause the water to be hard. The two combine create this hard water effect. The only way to treat this is to install a water softener system. The maintenance of this system is a bag of salt once a month. The salt causes the Calcium and Magnesium to separate from the resin in the cylinder to be flushed out in the drain. This proses is called regeneration proses.

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Borehole water legal requirements

The borehole water legal requirements.

You live in town and have a small holding that you rent out.
This is a nice income. 
Sometimes the water supply is disrupted and that start to work on your nerves.
When the water is available again there is some stuff in the water and that is a thing you don’t like.
You expect the highest quality of drinking water.
You would sue the town council if you ever find something wrong with the quality of the water.

The town council must give you water that comply with the SANS 241 standard.
If the water doesn’t comply with the standards it could lead to health issues for the water consumers.
There is a legal responsibility on the supplier to ensure that the water comply with the minimum standards. You would not aspect any water that would not comply with the standards.
If the water quality does not comply it can lead with legal action.
The claims can be in the billions.

Your smallholding water.

The small holding that you rent you makes use of borehole water.
You are proud of the property and the house is in an excellent condition.
Your tenants pay the rent on time every month and there is no problem.
There is one problem that could cost you everything you have.
That thing is the borehole water that your tenants must use.
Do you have any independent water test reports about the quality of the borehole water?
Yes you have done a test at the local water shop a few years ago.
That test is not the paper worth it is printed on.
You must have at least a water test report that is not older than two years.
If there is something that is not under the limits then what was the action you have taken to rectify the problem?

Water legal obligation.

The water that you provide to your tenants must comply with every element of the SANS 241. 
If not you can be assure that when your tenant read this article they would do a water test.
If there is an element that do not comply.
They would take action and you would have no basis to stand on in court.

If you have any questions feel free to contact us.

Borehole water legal requirements is something you as a property owner can't by-pass. If you provide water it must comply with the minimum standards of the SANS 241.

If you want to know more visit the link. Borehole water legal requirements