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Important borehole information.

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Borehole water for human consumption.

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Index of borehole related topics:


boreholes index - dangers of borehole water

Live fresh water borehole water parasite.


Roundworm found in borehole water sample. Contamination from toilet 600 meters away.


Very active live roundworm that was found in water from a borehole


Contaminated boreholes with parasites from open toilets. Roundworms and other parasites.


Solutions to solve contaminated borehole water. Filters and systems.


borehole water that smells and parasites or bacteria causing the problem

parasite eggs - boreholes - kill

Parasite eggs that was found in borehole water sample that was used for human consumption.

roundworm - borehole water -

big roundworm to view from borehole water on a farm






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