RO Water Colour Change

RO Water Colour Change

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Right Way

  • RO water at facet is clear.
  • RO water at fridges is a light brown colour.
  • Water comes from same RO system.
  • Water filters is still in good shape.
  • Why is this happening?


Identification of RO Water Colour Change source.

RO Water Colour Change

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The Wrong Way.

  • From the RO system plastic tube entre a 15 mm copper pipe.
  • 15 mm copper pipe is 7 meters in length.
  • Where it exits the wall it has fittings on.
  • 10 years ago client connect the RO water to the two fridges.
  • Client couldn’t get copper fittings that fit.
  • He used galvanized fitting to solve the problem.
  • There was no water problem for 10 years.


What was the course of this light brown RO water colour change?

  • Client used plastic tube.
  • Then copper pipe.
  • Then galvanized fittings.
  • Never use galvanized after copper pipe.
  • Copper and galvanized cause a reaction that take years to manifest.
  • The galvanized will get rust pit marks.
  • Then one day this pit marks is a hole where water flows out.
  • The copper and galvanized pipe had rust inside.
  • That was the cause of the light brown colour of the water.
  • We replace the water feed with a new plastic tube.

RO water colour change problem solved.