• Tap Water SA Blog is for OUR Clients to Inter Act with Us.
  • Clients can Ask Any Water Related Question or Even Talk about some Water Issues they have.
  • Borehole water is a major issue when it comes to clean water.

What the Tap Water SA blog is all about:

  • Discuss all the comments that our clients have about that what is in the tap water.
  • We talked about water related issues.
  • Issues like contamination, wastage of water.

A thing that irritate my from this ANC government:

The use of the word “Challenge”.

  • It seems that they do not have a word in their vocabulary like “Problem”.
  • I think that they do not want to use the word for the moment they use it they will be branded as the problem of all South Africa’s problems.


  • I hate the word “Challenge”.
  • They have this problem and then call it challenge to make the problem sounds so small.
  • I think it is time that they start to use the word problem.
  • That day I think there will be a move towards the up building of South Africa.
  • If we show them this situation about the water contamination we will hear that this is a small challenge then the big challenge as the ANC use to say.
  • Let us call it a problem because a problem it is and a problem it will be as long as it is present.
  • The ANC government like to use the word challenge.
  • And that they will look and see if it requires a committee.
  • A challenge to get more money for their friends.

Information and reporting of any tap water related problems on our blog.

  • Our clients can take part in the discussions on any tap water related topics.
  • Inform people what to do if tap water is contaminated.
  • How do I get involved with the Tap Water SA blog?
  • Just put your question on the website for discussion.
  • What is the Problem of your water filtration system?
  • Ask the questions that the marketer do not answer;
  • What about the water wastage of the RO System;
  • Do you really know the amount of water that’s been wasted?
  • Log in or email us at
  • You can contact us on 082 269 0210.

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